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Adobe Indesign-I

Category: Free Courses

InDesign gives you the power to do everything you need, from inserting and sizing graphics, adding text, creating interactive forms, and even packaging your work for a commercial printer. Adobe InDesign CS21 is the latest version to the Adobe InDesign software program.

Introduction to Digital Imagery

Category: Free Courses
In the era of digital Imagery, it is absolutely necessary for everyone to get involved in the creation of digital images and process and also to understand the basics fundamentals this includes  image retouching etc.  Participant will learn how  to process the Images such a…

Technology and Learning in the Classroom

Category: Free Courses
SEMESTER This course is designed to develop theoretical and practical applications in the knowledge, design, development, implementation, utilization, management, and evaluation of education technology and technologies for learning, thus increasing the opportunities for enhancing teaching and learn…